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Embarrassment Becomes a Crime

"Because computer science has yet to discover a systematic way to find and fix all the vulnerabilities in real-world systems before they get deployed, independent security researchers who discover and report weaknesses have become an essential part of the security ecosystem." Wired / Opinion / tech

This article brings up a very scary fact about the ease in which people have navigated through internet security.  In the last 20 years people have grown up in a world that has connected everyone, for better and worse.  The internet is becoming the easiest way for criminals to steal from people.  

Protect Yourself:
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The ease in which we connect with family and friends also opens us up to the danger of hackers and identity thieves.  We are firmly in a time when generations of children have grown up in a digital world where its simple as a couple of taps on a pad to be looking at family on the other side of the world. These connections unfortunately also make it possible for billions of people to reach your personal information.

Unfortunately thieves have taken to the web with an acuity that almost seems to be an evolution of sorts.  We see the advancement of technological evolution every day.  The disparity in understanding of computers from our parents to us can be astounding.  I cant get my dad to understand what a tab is, but there are kids out there hacking into government websites on their phones.

There isn't much we can do to stop people from trying, but if you actively protect yourself a lot of damage can be saved.

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